High energy hadronic interactions has been a fascinating subject for a long time. The recent LHC experiments have pushed it even stronger into the forefront of QCD activity. Wealth of experimental data on proton-proton and proton-nucleus collisions have been collected, and unexpected and not yet fully understood behavior has been found.

In particular there are strong indications of collective like behavior even when the produced system is small and does not contain a large number of particles. A vigorous theoretical effort is being currently pursued to understand this physics from the first principles strong interactions standpoint. This involves going far beyond the simple factorizable "parton model" approach which has been so successful in describing high transverse momentum data on Deeply Inelastic scattering, jet production in p-p collisions and so on.

This summer school is intended to introduce the students to the subject and to the exciting unsolved questions, as well as to expose them to the main methods and lines of thinking on the subject.

The school is intended to graduate students and young postdocs who either want to extend their physics horizons or plan to pursue research in this or related area.Preliminary list of lecturers at the school includes T. Altinoluk (Warsaw), N. Armesto (Santiago de Campostela), W. Broniowski (Krakow), Yu. Kovchegov (Ohio State), G. Milhano (Lisbon and CERN), V. Skokov (North Carolina State), R. Venugopalan (BNL), U. Wiedemann (CERN).


Registration to the school is free. Accommodation in the dorms on the UConn Storrs campus and two meals a day (breakfast and lunch) for the duration of the school will be provided at no charge for approved participants. In addition we have some funds to reimburse the travel expenses, and participants are encouraged to apply for reimbursement. Please indicate on the registration form if you intend to do so.

The participants will be expected to arrive and settle in the accommodations on Monday, May 27. The first day of lectures will be Tuesday, May 28.