1. Fly to Bradley International Airport (BDL) and take Uber to UConn.

Uber costs about $50 single trip.

Instead of Uber, it is also possible to use UConn transportation service, which costs $60 (no need to pay tax or tips). To use the service, one needs to make a reservation at least one week in advance.

If there is enough demand we will try to organize a van from BDL to Storrs on May 27, and from Storrs to BDL on June 5.  This will be decided closer to May.

2. Rent a car and drive to UConn

You can then fly to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), or other nearby airports.

3. Fly to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) and take a bus to Storrs, CT.

One choice for the bus is Peter Pan which can connect to BOS airport and Storrs, CT (it stops at UConn near the Nathan Hale Inn). The bus costs about $30 one-way. However, the bus takes about 4 hours and includes 1-2 transfers.