Summer school: Strong interactions beyond simple factorization: collectivity at high energy from initial to final state.

GW 121 (University of Connecticut)

GW 121

University of Connecticut

Physics Department, 2152 Hillside road, Storrs, CT 06269, USA
Alex Kovner (University of Connecticut)

This summer school is intended to introduce the students to the subject of strong interactions at high energy and to the exciting unsolved questions, as well as to expose them to the main methods and lines of thinking on the subject.

The school is intended to graduate students and young postdocs who either want to extend their physics horizons or plan to pursue research in this or related area.



  • Babak Salehi Kasmaei
  • Candost Akkaya
  • Daniel Kovner
  • Etienne Blanco
  • Gabriel Kovacs
  • Gary Kapilevich
  • Gregory Johnson
  • Jagbir Singh
  • João Barata
  • Karthik Inbasekar
  • Kemal Tezgin
  • Melvin Santiago
  • Ming Li
  • Pedro Augusto Agostini Infante
  • rahul chhabra
  • Renaud Boussarie
  • Saman Bastami
  • Sami Demirci
  • Szymon Tracz